Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Waiting Patiently...or not!

Just when you get all wrapped up in your own self-absorption, a tragedy occurs. People's lives are changed forever and you realize how insignificant you really are in the scheme of things.

I recently made a time line on some large index cards that I taped together, end to end. I started about 3000 b.c. and came up to the present. When you see yourself as a little dot in the great expanse of time that has happened from when God created the Heavens and the Earth til now, you realize that you are not even a blip on the radar of time.

Except that my living or dying does matter to three little people and one amazing man.

For too long, I have been letting the tide batter me around like a clump of old sea weed on the edge of the ocean. I think it's high time I get up out of the surf, get on my feet and choose to live the life given to me. It is a good life. A blessed life. I have a husband who adores me, three healthy kids, a wonderful family and amazing friends.

Better yet, I serve an amazing God. A God who knew me before He created me in my mother's womb. A God who chose the time and place of my birth, the family into which I would be born and the time it would happen. He has numbered my days and yet, it is not all about me.

I think it's high time I get off my tail, get healthy and get on with this life. For there are so many in such great need.