Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pocket Car?

We were out for a walk a few weeks ago, and Jalapeno who tends to tire-out the most quickly, grabbed my hand and said "Mommy, I wish we had a Pocket Car!" "A Pocket Car? What's that?" he began to tell me all about a little car that you can carry around in your pocket, so that when you are out walking, and get tired, you can pop it out of your pocket, push a button and voila! A quick ride home. Not a bad idea, if you ask me...

So over the last few weeks, we have talked about it more, and today, as we came around the west side of hill (the highest point in Highlands Ranch), with the clouds rolling in and the windchill at 34 degrees) we began talking earnestly about this little car and how to make it a "reality".

It was quickly decided that it needed to be a mini-van (so our friends can fit too), it needs to have hot chocolate, hot apple cider, marshmallow, chocolate bars and graham crackers (do you see where this is headed?), warm blankets, and a heater at every seat. They also want a fireplace and I thought, "What the hey - let's put in a hot tub too!!"

Once we got to the car and got blood flowing back through our extremities, we talked about the design process, how first we needed lists of functions that we would like, then drawings from every angle, then models of many sizes, and a prototype - did I mention that they REALLY believe that it is possible to create this car?!?! Well, they do!! As I write this, Sweet Potato is upstairs working on drawings for the first model!

How fun to spend my days with little people who believe that ANYTHING is possible - well maybe not ice cream for dinner - so almost anything is possible!!

I will post drawings as they become available!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In a nutshell

I so love when I can see the things that we are teaching the kids, come back out. This week, we have really been dealing with lying. Today, Sweet Potato wrote this story:

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Aby. Her mother asked Aby to go get some firewood for the furnace. So Aby went to get the firewood for the furnace. She took it to her mother then she said, "Mother, I forgot to do something." Her Mother was surprised. She never knew that her daughter had something to do outside, because they normally stayed inside. So her daughter went outside. While her Mother did dishes, she went on the path to the woods. She saw flowers and wild strawberries and blackberries. When Aby looked back, she could not see her house (which she normally could see)! So she tried but the more she walked the more she got lost. So she just stood right where she was and prayed to God. Thankfully her Father was in the woods. He came right where she was and said, "What's the matter darling?" She said, "I lied to Mother. I told her that I had something to do out here." "Oh" her Father said. "So you lied to Mother so you could come here?" "Yep" his daughter said. "Well, let's go home and let Mother know." They got home and Aby told the whole story to her. Mother felt happy and sad at the same time. "Thank you Aby, for telling me. I was worried that I wouldn't see you for two whole days." The End