Saturday, January 4, 2014


I don't know about you, but when I get my camera in my hand and the light is right...I don't EVEN know how cold it is outside!

I went into the chilly air, camera, egg basket and feed bucket in hand. It was 24 degrees. And the light? Well, the light, coming over the hill and through the was amazing!

I was in search of a self-portrait. 'Just a little bit'...a curious idea, and harder to do with one I headed into the clearing, to see what I could find.

And I saw this. My sworn enemy. Poison Ivy. Well, the roots of said enemy, but none the less dangerous than the leaves that will spring forth from this vine, once the weather warms. But oh, how beautiful and intricate, in the morning light.

And a little farther on. Look close. Look, very, very close.

When we moved here from the glorious Rocky Mountains, I had a hard time seeing the beauty of God's creation in the stands of 'dead' trees all around me. "Why?" I used to ask. "Why did I have to leave the majesty of Your mountains, for all this death?" And then I started looking closer. And saw the majesty of His creation in the tiny details all around me.

And then this. As I was coming back from my jaunt, fingers numb, cheeks red, I saw this!

And this. What I came outside looking for. I think I found it. A reflection of my self in His beauty.