Saturday, November 1, 2008


So, I have been having a very difficult time with my little Pineapple since Wednesday. He is pretty mad that Daddy is out of town and not coming home, and is taking it out on me in the form of screaming (about everything), hitting and just generally being difficult to live with.

Last night, we had "family night" which is a night where we make pizza and watch new movies in Daddy's office. They love it!

After having spent an hour listening to the little one scream in the morning because he did not want to get dressed (something that he is very capable of doing, but for some reason resists - vehemently), I told said Pineapple that if he did not get his jammies on quickly and quietly, by himself, that he would go to bed after eating a PB&J, no pizza, no movies, no special treats.

Amazingly, he went up stairs, and with a minimum amount of complaining, was back down, dressed in his jammies and ready to go in less than five minutes!! AMAZING!!! Truly - if you knew what I had been through with him for the last week!!

We went down stairs and discovered an email from Daddy for each child. In Pineapple's, Daddy said in part: "I also miss you always obeying Mommy. Are you always obeying Mommy? It makes Daddy happy when you obey Mommy, and when you are nice to your brother and sister, and when you put your jammies on without screaming." (Obviously, Daddy and Mommy have been talking...) But the funniest thing was this: As I read that line to him, he said "Daddy is happy" - because he knew that he had just put on his jammies without screaming!!!

Ah, the joy!!!


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