Friday, February 27, 2009

At the Breakfast Table

Sweet Potato: "Mommy, can we please get some napkins, the next time we are at the store?"

Note: we have been out for more than a few days...and she sets the table, so she notices more than I do...

Me: "Of course. We should have gotten some when we were at the store yesterday, but I forgot".

Jalapeno: "I knew it, but I forgot".

Me: "If you forgot, then you didn't know it".

Jalapeno: "I knew it, but it was in my foot".

Really?....If I had only known that that was a place to store things, I might have gotten more done in my life!!

1 comment:

mareseatoats said...

I think I'll be able to remember a bunch- as big as my feet are I should be able to get bunches of notes on there! Thanks for the tip!