Wednesday, October 20, 2010


My son...there are two, and it's not the usual one...just came upstairs from quiet time with red teeth, red lips and a red tongue. When I asked him what he had been eating, he actually had the nerve to say "nothing". I guess he did not stop to look in a mirror on his way upstairs! I marched his fanny downstairs to discover that he has been ingesting the red and green sugar cookie sprinkles and the white nonpareils (the little white bean bag filler looking decorations) that I store in a basement pantry under the stairs. Oh my land of mercy!! Seriously, I am just glad it wasn't the OTHER son, the one who turns into a monster when he eats food coloring!


Anonymous said...

Love your new background paper. They remind me of picking muscadines with Henry. :-)
Oh, boy, why do they think we don't know things? Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Can you say chicken carcass picked clean and hidden under the bed? If you really want to know what they will be doing next year at this time, just let me know and I’ll send you the outline! J

Love you,


trinabambina said...

first of all - that was JOEY and not me!! and was a turkey leg, not the whole bird and third...PLEASE tell me it won't keep happening!!!aggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!

MAMA CEO said...

yes it will keep happening. From the sounds of it, you kept your parents toes hoppin' as I did mine. I think we are in for it for the long haul!