Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Calling all Compassion International Sponsors!!

To all of you who sponsor children around the world through Compassion International - I want to shout out a great big THANK YOU for what you are doing in the lives of your children! The help that you give your child/children through the monthly support you send is changing their lives and the lives of their families in very tangible ways.

We recently returned from a Compassion Sponsor tour to Guatemala and one of the things that impacted me the most was hearing how seldom sponsors write their children - and how DESPERATE the children are to hear from you! You can not imagine the joy that we saw on the faces of the children who do hear from their sponsors compared to the grief of the many more who do not. So don't stop your help when you send that vital support check each month - take five minutes and write your child a letter. Ask them about themselves. Tell them about yourself. Get to know them in a way that you have not done up to this point!

There are several ways to write your child. You can go the "old fashioned" pen and paper route, which is great, because then the child sees your handwriting. Many of the kids don't think that their sponsor is real (one child even suggested that his sponsor must be a robot, because he had never heard from him), so taking the time to hand write a letter and enclose a picture or two of you/your family will make you more real to your child.

In addition to that, you can go onto the Compassion website and write an email to your child. Not as personal, but hey - I think that if the choice is an email vs. not hearing from you, they will gladly take the email!!

If you have not signed up for an account on the Compassion website, please take a minute to do that. There are lots of great tips for what to write your child, the email function is there, you can make a quick donation for an upcoming birthday or tons of other fun stuff.

If you don't have a sponsor child, and would like to, you can go to the Compassion International website and get started right away. There are thousands of kids waiting to get that call "You have a SPONSOR!!" Not only will you change the life of a child, but your life will be changed as well! Click here http://www.compassion.com/default.htm

P.S. Just found out about this blog...all about writing your Compassion kids, tons of tips and tools - check it out!! http://www.bloggingfromtheboonies.com/


Ashley Mays said...

Great reminder, Trina! :-) So glad we were able to go on that trip together. It was fun getting to know you! :-)

trinabambina said...

HI Ashley!! I was telling your story the other day and showing pictures of you playing with your little guy and everyone was in tears!! So fun to get to do that trip with you!

Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

My blog focuses on letter writing ideas and inspiration! Thanks for spreading this important message and feel free to check out my blog: http://www.bloggingfromtheboonies.com

trinabambina said...

Michelle - after a quick glance, it looks like we should get to know each other!! Can't wait for quiet time so I can check out your blog! I just sent in my registration to become an Advocate - I am really excited!

Jill Foley said...

This is great! Thanks for encouraging others to write to their kids. Was Josh Wilson on this trip with you? I went to Peru last year with his wife.

I give away correspondence kits every month to encourage others to write to their kids (on my blog).

trinabambina said...

Hi Jill!
Yes, Josh was with us on this trip - what a great guy! He was in our 'family group' and we really enjoyed getting to know him! Thanks for the link to your blog!