Sunday, April 28, 2013

We Have a Dream

We have a dream. A dream of living on our own farm, of feeding ourselves from our land, of working it with our children. We have a dream of sharing our love of family, food and learning with the people God puts in our path. Of receiving from Him with open hands so that all the excess flows out to those in need. We have a dream.

In three weeks, we take a step toward our dream. In three weeks, we are moving to ten acres in the woods. Not the ideal location to start a farm, but a step in the direction of our dream. The Virginia Hillbilly found a great place out in the country, with a house that will work, and a landlady who is willing to let us play. Garden beds? Yes! Chickens? OK! Goats? Sure! She even shared that the neighbor across the road had gotten goats last year who were reproducing at an alarming rate. She offered that he might even be willing to loan us some goats to help clear out under the trees. So that will be one of the first things we do after we move in...bake some cookies and take a walk across the road to meet some new friends.

Right now, we are spending our time packing and learning. Because really, there is so very much we don't know. That said, we are up for the adventure and the kids are super psyched, and hey, if all we do is live there for a few years, it will still be amazing to be able to see the stars in the velvet black sky, and hear the birds and other wildlife that are sure to visit. And flower beds! Did I mention that there is a wonderful sunroom with tiered flowerbeds out back, just ready to be freed from the poison ivy and brought back to beauty? Oh, and a wonderful laundry room where I can make soap and play to my hearts content?

Yes, we are taking a step toward our dreams.

I can't wait to see them unfold before us.

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Shari Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing Trina! It is very peaceful a little farther north of here!