Monday, February 11, 2008

Sleepover gone awry!

Daddy is out of town, and the kids wanted to have a sleepover in Jalapeño's room, so I said "yes" (been doing that a lot more lately, God must be working on me ;-)) Of course there were some rules: No yelling, must stay in your bed (which included no hanging over the top bunk for J), the usual stuff. They were a little louder than I would have liked, but I let it go, knowing they were excited. Pineapple, especially, was loud and rowdy from his crib, but then, he has no volume control, so...

About an hour after they had gone to bed, it seemed that they were quieting down, when Sweet Potato came down and said that J's foot was stuck. I go up, thinking "yeah, right" and find his leg wedged in behind the top bunk, from the knee down. Now, you have to understand that Daddy has bolted the bed to the wall, so it is going to take some power tools to make this right!! I tried to push his leg up (while J was howling laughing on the top bunk - he is so ticklish!!) to no avail. So, I go to plan B which is to ask Uncle Rick to come and help out. He yanks on the bunk from the front, while I push up from the bottom and voila! Out comes the leg.

When I asked SP how his leg got stuck in there, her reply was "J wanted me to tickle his foot, so I was pulling his leg down so I could reach it better". Amazing! I told Daddy, if they live to adulthood, it will be a miracle!!!



Marianna Jarrett said...

Now that is a picture for sure! Makes me think twice about having Jeff bolt Theo's bunk to the wall. So, how long did it take for them to finally go to sleep?

trinabambina said...

Once I split them up, the older two went right out, the younger was still awake when I went to bed, but he was quiet!!