Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tired but happy!

Well, I got a lot done today! I finished sanding, painted the insides of all the cabinets, painted all the black on the bottom cabinets, got the first two coats of paint on the upper cabinets and we had something for dinner that did not come out of a bag! Pretty amazing!!!

I am so excited to watch this all come together, I wish you could all come and see it! I will keep posting and let you know when it is done!

Pictures, from the top - taking time to smell the...violets; two views of the kitchen with what I have accomplished today.



Marianna Jarrett said...

Oh my! That color on the cabinets makes everything pull together. Double Wow!

Ellen said...

It's looking fanTABulous!!!!! :) :) :) LOVE it!!!! (And you were SO right to put the glass up by the eating bar!