Sunday, March 23, 2008

Herding Squirrels...

Have you ever been there? Nine kids under seven years of age, three moms, the wind blowing at 25 knots (no lie!) and miles of unexplored 'wilderness'. We came up with the only definition that fits - Herding Squirrels". Just try it, if you are brave enough!

We (our co-op) had taken a field trip to the Springs to go to Focus and to take a hike. After all the noise and chaos of Whit's End, we thought a nice walk would finish out our day. Little did we know that the wind had picked up and the kids had all renewed their energy at lunch and were raring to go. We also did not take into account that it was Spring Break, and that Garden of the Gods would be a busy place!

So, off we go, two strollers and a wagon in tow, trying to get all nine kids safely across the parking lot and into the park. All the trails are paved, so that was not a problem, but apparently it was not spring break everywhere, because there were groups of elementary kids all over the place! They were climbing the rocks (guess they did not see those 'no rock climbing signs'), chasing each other on the sidewalks, and shrieking at the top of their lungs (must have been the howling wind).

We headed off down a trail and found that it is impossible to keep any kind of order! The bigger kids took off in the front, running and having a great time. One of them found a rock that would write like chalk, so that set the tone for the rest and the "search for the magic writing rocks" was under way. Then we have that group in the middle, who have to stop and inspect every (and I do mean every) hole, stick, bug, dog, stick, rock, hole, stick, rock, bug, dog that they see - while walking backwards, into oncoming foot traffic. Did I mention that the park was very busy that day? And that is was really windy, so no one could hear anyone else? And then there were the few, who just wanted to hunker down in the dirt, and play with the rocks - and they were not moving - period! And then, there were the sweet darlings of our group, two cherubs who happily sat in their respective stroller and wagon and enjoyed watching all the mommies running around herding squirrels!!

Wish you could have been there!!


p.s. just in case you want to know how I knew how fast the wind was blowing - just check this out:

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mareseatoats said...

So much for a relaxing day at the park!