Tuesday, April 15, 2008

You know the old saying about kids and wrapping paper...

Well, it works with a rake and some mulch too!

We had co-op here yesterday, and after lunch the kids got really involved in a project down by the swings. It seems that Jacob found one of the kid's leaf rakes, and decided to start raking up the mulch under the swings. Will quickly jumped in with a second rake and before you could say "Hey, don't do that!", they had raked up all the mulch and scooped it (with their hands) into a large Rubbermaid box. It went from there to the wagon, where it was rolled, you guessed it, back to the swings, where they spread it out. Then they repeated the process - heck, I don't know, I gave up counting! But they were so busy about their work, and everyone got involved except for Torin (his mom wisely kept him out of it - he likes to eat bark!). The cool thing was, they were working so well together, they were not fighting over rakes, wagons or bins, and they were very disappointed when it was time to go!

So much for putting in a gajillion dollar play ground back there - I'm headed to Lowe's for some more mulch!!


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mareseatoats said...

I wish I could so easily be amused! Ah, the simple things in life.