Friday, May 9, 2008

Going Deeper

Lately I have been hungering for deeper relationships with my friends. To know each other and what our trials and successes are. To get connected on a level deeper than "who is giving us trouble with potty training" or "how exhausted we are". I long to have relationships with women with some years under their belts. With women who have experience and wisdom and a lifetime of walking with God, women with perspective, which is quickly lost amidst diapers, dinners and the din of every day life with little kids. I want my daughter to see me in friendship with other women, to see deep connections that span age, race, or any of the myriad things that divide us in todays society.

So, if you are one of my friends, reading this post, I am going to challenge you to take this walk with me. To be transparent and to help me do the same. To move beyond the surface stuff to deeper waters. I just had an image of an ocean. From the top, it is nice, the crashing waves, the myriad blues and greens that make up the color of the water. But, as soon as you go below the surface, a whole new world opens before your eyes, one that you will never experience if you don't get your feet wet (and your face - I am sure that there will be tears involved here!).

My sister wrote a post on her blog ( that I think adds to these thoughts, I hope you enjoy it - I know it brought tears to my eyes!


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