Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Quote of the day:

"Mommy, one of the crumbs from your muffins fell in my mouth".


This morning, I had baked 12 mini loaves of banana bread for MOPS tomorrow - I had already been fighting Rick to stay out of them, when E comes down and makes the above statement. Now imagine my thought process, as I picture the twelve beautiful loaves, (supposedly on a counter over his head), and now one has a huge chunk out of it because "a crumb fell into his mouth" - aaaaghh! should just about sum it up!

I ran up stairs and thankfully found that all 12 loaves were intact and decided that he must have been skimming crumbs from under the cooling racks! Ahh, he will live to be four!!


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mareseatoats said...

You have to give that sweet boy a hug and kiss from Aunt Mare! "A crumb fell into my mouth." Too cute!! I'm telling you, he's chocolate cake incarnate- so sweet I could eat him up!