Thursday, June 5, 2008

Now I understand!

I never understood why, when I get worried, anxious, grumpy, etc, I end up in the kitchen - not just getting a snack, but more often - cooking! I was making ketchup today (yes, making ketchup, and I don't care if you laugh at me!!) when I realized why I like cooking so much, especially things like canning and baking bread. I am a kinesthetic kind of girl, so standing there, holding a warm tomato in my hand, while I peeled the skin off, smelling that fresh tomato smell and hearing the water boiling on the stove, I was getting info via all of my senses!!

Ahh, I can finally relax and not take offense when people call me "Becky Homeckie", and make fun of me because of what I like to do. I guess that they are just missing out on the pleasure of using all of their senses while serving their families...

Speaking of ketchup, I forgot it is on the stove, and unless my Mom has stirred it for me - it is all going to be burned - aaaaagh!!!



mareseatoats said...

So, how do you make ketchup? And, do they eat it??? I've never had it without tons of sugar.

trinabambina said...

Actually, it was very good! I will send you the recipe. It was nice and tangy/sweet - I am going to have to make it again!