Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ahh, the great outdoors!

We went on our one (and probably only) camping trip this year (the snows fly early at the higher elevations) and we really got to experience God's Creation - all of it!!

We went up near Tarryall Reservoir, an area that is on the edge of an old glacier field. There were many quaking aspens, pines and tons of very cool, very small plants that we had not seen before. The kids were so excited to be going camping - AJ for the very first time.

We got to our site and the sky was bluer than blue and with a fresh breeze blowing through our hair, we got our tent set up and commenced camping! Friends of ours who came up brought two hammocks, which provided hours and hours of fun. There were also the intermittent but loud and beautiful storms that blew through. Nothing like being near the top of a mountain, outside, while a thunderstorm barrels towards you!!

We ate s'mores, hot dogs and drank gallons of water out of green jugs. Then there was the fun of taking a potty training little boy to the bathroom, when there wasn't one!! The camp latrine was not set up until Saturday, so the boys got to practice their aim, shooting for small plants and large trees!
Our Friday night campfire was cut short by a doozy of a storm, but the next day dawned with beautiful blue skies and off we went, looking for adventure. While Steve went off shooting with the guys, the kids and I and my friend Jane went for a hike and found some great rocks for the kids to climb. What is it, I ask, about little boys and the edges of tall rocks that is so fascinating?

Saturday was made most special by s'mores before dinner! Wow! Whodathunkit?? I figured, why not, and this way, they had time to run them off before we had to coral the kids in the tent. More rain blew through but it did not hamper the campfire, and a good time was had by all!

As you can see, they were all tuckered out and ready for some zzzzz's by the time we headed home. Can't wait to go again!!


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mareseatoats said...

Peeing in the woods. Now THAT is camping! I love the tuckered out pics. The only sweeter thing that a sleeping child is 3 sleeping children!!!
I only have one question. How did you get all your gear in your jeep??? We only have 2 kids and our vam (minus the rear row) is jammed full of gear. Of course, perhaps you don't take a queen sized air bed. Hmmm.....