Saturday, August 30, 2008

more notes from the trenches...

Last night, during Steve's birthday dinner, I felt the need to give my darling oldest son a mini-lecture on the reality that if you don't eat your dinner, you don't get to have cake and ice cream. He had been saying that his tummy hurt, but that has been a common "get out of eating your meal" ruse around here lately, and he had been running and playing in the yard all day, so he didn't seem sick....

Obligingly, he put a slice of hot dog in his mouth and before he could even chew, you guessed it, geyser city!! I did not realize that the human stomach could hold that much stuff!!! We got him cleaned up and then I took all the clothes and towels outside to spray them off with the hose (do you remember my last round with kid puke and the washing machine?). Just be careful if you decide to do that, that you keep the pressure low or you may end up sprayed with cold water and ...what did he have for lunch yesterday?

Anyway, he and I spent the night on the air mattress in my room (my thought was that it would be easy to take outside and hose off if he missed the bucket (do you sense a theme here??). After about midnight, his tummy finally settled down and we both got some sleep.

He is feeling much better this am, not very energetic, but otherwise, in good shape.

Hope you guys have a great Labor Day weekend!!

In case you missed it last time, I am copying my first puke experience here - it was a wild one!!

Note to self:

If your daughter is complaining of a stomach ache, do not
feed her apples, hot dogs or tomatoes.

And, if you do feed her apples, hot dogs, tomatoes
(or chicken noodle soup {it seemed like a good idea
at the time}), you will need to make sure that you wipe
all of it up before you put the sheets in the washer.

Furthermore, who knew raisins would stay in her stomach
for 24 hours, and don't they chew those things before
they swallow them?!?!

And finally, if you fail to clean the sheets off before
you put them in the
washer, you will be picking up apple skins, raisins and
pieces of hot dog off
your floor when you shake the sheets out before you put
them in the dryer - but hey, they're clean apple skins,
raisins and pieces of hot dog, so it's not
really that gross.


a new mom
or "why don't they teach you this stuff in all of those
classes that we have to take!!!!!!!"

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mareseatoats said...

Those "Mommy Merit Badges" just keep coming, don't they? I hope everyone is well and that it doesn't spread throughout the family.
You know, someone would make a lot of money if they designed a washer with a grinder just like the dishwashers have. Hmmm....