Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 3 - Newton, NE to Indianapolis, IN

This was one looooong day of driving! And on Jalapeno's FIFTH birthday - what a bummer way to spend your birthday!

After a birthday breakfast of "make your own waffles", we loaded up and headed out. It was 10 am...

Grandpa need some things from the outlet mall, so while he and Grammie did some quick shopping, the kids made use of their scooters in a safe end of the parking lot.

Nothing much exciting happened, except that I found out that my number two son will do anything (and I do mean anything) when bribed with swimming in the pool. We were driving for ten hours (lots of potty stops in there, just so you know...) and when he started to get bossy and demanding, all I had to do was remind him that a pool was in his near future, and the sun would come out and begin to shine!

We did stop for a birthday lunch at Subway, and Jalapeno had a meatball sub...he really enjoyed it!

Grandpa also made a good call when he bought a box of fudgesicles...witness the results:

I am going to have to take the camera to the pool tomorrow night - the kids had a blast! Problem was, when we tried to book a room at 7:30, we found out that the pool was closed! I did not want to go to the car and tell the kids that they were not going to get to swim after all. So we drove across Indianapolis, to another hotel, and got checked in, only to realize that we had changed times zones, and it was not 8 pm, but 9 the kids ended up swimming til after 10 and did not get in bed and asleep til almost 11!!! Good thing we are headed for a nice quiet week in Buffalo - they are going to need to catch up on some sleep and get some GOOD food in their bodies! I for one am ready for a really good salad!

So, once again, I am sitting in a darkened hotel room while the children sleep. Tonight I have a wifi connection, so I am taking advantage of it, to update the blog. Hope you are enjoying our trip as much as we are!

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Marianna said...

Why am I not surprised that Grandpa bought fudgesicles?

Time to pull out the map. The kids are up and I want them to see where you guys are!