Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 4 - Indianapolis, IN, to somewhere in Ohio...

Day 4...a good day...and a long day! We started out in Indianapolis, with some yummy waffles, then loaded up and headed for the Creation Museum.

What a cool place. The kids really liked the petting zoo (especially feeding the goats) and there is an awesome swinging bridge that is fun to cross (unless the Big Boys get on it at the same time and really make it fly!). I had to use my Mommy Voice to tell them to knock it off, before I lost one of my little boys right over the side!

Inside the museum, the displays were incredible...a fave for us was Noah's ark...a life size representation of just a small section of the Ark, and it towered over our heads. AJ loved all the water that was there, and the big moving dinos...he did ask many times if they were "...going to come down from there and get him..." but he was fascinated with an Apatosaurus that was 'chewing' a mouthful of green stuff, way over his head.

We also loved the "dark room", where it is completely dark, showing that "the world was with out form..." we had to go through that one a couple of times. One of my favorite parts was a video clip that showed the creation of Adam from the dirt. The expression on his face as he looked at his hands, awe, amazement, wonder...but he had a belly button...does someone created by God, not born of woman have a belly button...guess we will have to wait and see!

We finally got to our room last night, after to the pool we went for a short swim, then back to our room for some Little House on the Prairie. As we were leaving the Creation Museum (headed to the next hotel/pool), AJ said..."Mommy, maybe they fixed the pool. Probably they did," He was remembering that last night, we had to go find a new hotel because the pool was 'broken'. Too funny the things they remember!

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