Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Visitors from another planet?

No, not really, but this week we have had some startlingly beautiful and strange visitors in our yard every morning...

No, I did not take this beautiful photo, but isn't it awesome?!?

We have had a family (do dragonflies live in families?) of dragonflies hanging out in our yard, swooping and flying all around. They are the nice big ones, and on Monday when Sweet Girl and I were outside cleaning out the bird cages, the dragonflies where playing in the water we sprayed in the air.

I am not sure why we suddenly have such beautiful creatures sharing our little piece of the world, but as far as I am concerned, they can stay as long as they like!


Anonymous said...

Tell them to hang out for a couple more weeks. My boy wants to meet them!

trinabambina said...

Hopefully they will stay, and the fox (another frequent visitor) won't leave any more of his dinner remains buried in the mulch!