Friday, August 20, 2010

Garden Pics

The peach tree is loaded down with beautiful peaches this year - they survived the crazy end-of-winter/spring...they just need to plump up now...they are small and hard, though gorgeous!

This is the garden, as of August 1 when my darling helped me to put up the frames and mesh for the cukes and gourds to climb...

And here is the garden a mere 20 days later!

This is the Crown of Thorns plant that is at the south end of the garden. It's leaves are silky soft or prickly and scratchy! It has beautiful, fragile white flowers that last a day and yellow flowers from which the Crown of Thorns gourd grow... a very interesting plant!

And this is my first ever acorn squash!! Can't wait to bake this up and serve it with some home-grown-rabbit stew!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you posted pics! I can't believe how everything has grown. You must have had some help keeping it watered while you were flat on your back. Sure wish I was there to "help" you with those peaches. I'm not much of a canner but I am a heck of a peach eater!