Friday, August 20, 2010

Math - Garden Style

Oh, how I love learning with my kids at home!!

This morning the air is super clear and cool, thanks to a fantastic storm that rolled through town last evening. I think my pine trees grew a foot overnight! They seem so much taller, as I weave through them to water the squash plants. There are two acorn squash on the twining vines, and two or three butternut...though it looks like "someone" (a bunny invader, perhaps) knocked off two flowers that had baby squash at the bottom :-( Rabbit stew is good with squash, right?

Anyway, this morning I was out watering the garden, and was soon joined by my darling daughter. The beans are starting to come in good, and as Sweet Girl helped me pick them, she started counting them to see how many we harvested. It seems funny to me to count beans (I remember the days harvesting my Dad's garden, and there were way too many to count - I think we counted bug bites incurred in the garden instead!), but when they first started coming in, there were only a handful, and so that's when the counting began.

Sweet Girl started grouping the beans in twelves, and then started adding dozens. I love how we did not have to sit down and "learn" how to deal with numbers in this way. I mentioned it casually one afternoon, when we were picking beans early on, and she has taken it and run with it. Today, she was even converting "dozen" into twelve to figure out how many single beans we had...multiplication, here we come!! And how much more sense is it going to make to her, to have held the beans, manipulated them in her hands as she counted them, then to do the math in her head and then eat them for dinner?! I wish we had had "bean math" when I was in school!


MarsKids said...

Awesome! I love it! That's one reason we do "school" all year round. I think the summer months work sooo easy for learning...without schooling. ;)

Anonymous said...

It occured to me that I am 10 days into the year and then my next happy thought was that I only had 170 days to go. Then, I sobered when I realized that I had 10 less days left with my kids. They are rapidly approaching middle school! Yikes! Homeschooling is an honor, a privelege and a joy! I need to remember to make the most of everyday and every opportunity (like counting beans)with them!

Anonymous said...

That last one was from me...the one that is too lazy to log in...