Thursday, September 16, 2010


What do old fence boards, a jump rope with no handles, five 8' sticks of PVC pipe, a yellow plastic chair, three bike helmets, and several pieces of landscape fabric have in common?

Apparently, they are the makings of a glider!! My inventor (Jalapeno) has been listening to the story of The Wright Brothers and he and his little brother decided to build their own glider.

I was not too worried until J started talking about "launching Pineapple through the air"...but after I asked a few questions, I determined that aside from a few splinters, it looked like everyone was going to survive the latest round of inventing.

These children of mine are always impressing me with their creativity. When the first launch ended up with broken fence boards, they decided to use a piece of PVC pipe (much stronger) and put a bigger lever underneath (the yellow chair). They even tried different weight kids to see if one of the lighter kids would be able to "fly".

Now, they have gone back to the drawing board, literally, and are outside now with paper, pencils and a purple clipboard...making refinements to their design.

I do believe they are flying already!

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