Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Journey Begins...or Continues

It is official! We have a new home to call our own! Excitement is running high, energy levels are bursting...I give it 48 hours.

You see, we ARE moving. Out of the campers and into a house. And oh what a beautiful house! Well, it will be beautiful. That is the part that may curb enthusiasm. This house, the house that God provided has not had a dweller for three years, well, except for the mice. In that three years, the power has been on, the heat has been on, so it is a nice dry house, but it could do with a thorough, deep clean. This morning, we are headed over for our first day of work.

First up, the kitchen. The previous occupant loved to cook everything on high, and used lots of grease, so this corner will likely prove to be the hardest, thus it will be first!

Stay tuned for the 'after pics'!!

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