Monday, October 6, 2008

MOPS Convention - in a word...

We just got back from the MOPS Convention, in Texas - and it was a blast!! I thought I would "sum it up" for you:

Suitcases & coolers and little room to move; Large yarn balls and crochet hooks; Many, many hours in a mini-van; The DDD bill boards (don't ask - I'm not tellin'); Rockin' out to songs best left in the 80's; Avocado dip and rice chips; Steak, steak and more steak!! Too few hours in small beds; Rockin' out to "Go Fish" (who knew?!) with 4,500 other moms; Did I mention many, many hours in a mini-van? Enough Kleenex to fill said mini-van; Lunch with Leslie; Stir crazy in the middle of nowhere - literally!! Sisters all: big sister, little sister, tall sister and middle sister; Talkin' 'bout our young'uns - and laughing till we thought we would split; True southern hospitality, Texas style; Sweet tea - the real deal; Pronghorns (not antelope); Mosquitoes so big that... well let's just say they were Texas big! Smarties and snickers and butterfingers - no more!!! T-shirt ideas that will one day put our kids through college; BBQ with no sauce - yuck!! Did I happen to mention that we drove to Texas?!? And back? Plumb and Jaci Velasquez and Kim Hill and Nic Gonzales and Avalon; Julie Barnhill and our ordinary children; Except for Abigail, who is learning calculus while riding a unicycle, blindfolded...; tennis shoes from Heaven for a little Bosnian girl; More Kleenex!! SDWSC - not "South Denver West Super Cool, like we thought! And God's gracious protection all the long, long way, there and back.

Nashville, here we come!!

Wish you could have been there!!


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mareseatoats said...

Whew!!! What a trip! Sounds wonderfully, totally awesome!