Monday, July 19, 2010

I am stealing the words below from my sister (Sister Wives power activate - form of...blogger!) because, well, it's good, and why reinvent the wheel?!? I am adding photos though...enjoy!!

"My sister and I long ago decided that the ancient practice of extended family living close together was something we really wished had never died out. When Leah was about 18 months old the two of us came out for a visit. My sister was still working her design job and Steve was away all day at work/school so Leah and I would hang out, taking walks to the park and just enjoying the change of scenery. I also did some light housekeeping which earned me the title "Tri's Housewife." We later coined the term "Sister Wives" when we both had multiple children and collectively tackled house keeping and childcare during our visits. We frequently declared, "Sister Wives' Power... Activate!" Do you remember the Wonder Twins? I still think we should get matching silver rings.

The last several days have been great. We tag team on the childcare and the housework. She does the cooking...I am her sous chef. She had 3 extra kids over for a sleepover...I helped her keep them fed and busy with crafts. It is a great thing to be able to share this with her!

So, today started out pretty uneventful. Church...lunch...nothing out of the ordinary. We had a drive to the mountains planned so we started the prep for that after lunch. Kids piled into the van, fleece jackets were stacked in the cargo area, and all sorts of snack foods rode up front for easy retrieval. We headed out for Mt. Evans so we could say we drove to the top of a 14er but didn't make it far before the transmission on the van started acting up. For whatever reason it wouldn't shift into the upper gears when we hit the interstate. Mt. Evans quickly got tabled and a trip to a museum in nearby Evergreen was our back up. What a cool place! We toured the houses of the Hiwan Homestead for a couple hours. This fall we will start out studying the 1900's so the museum was the perfect location to go. We got to tour the main house as well as several other buildings on the homestead. I couldn't have picked a more timely trip.

As we were winding down at the museum Eric started to look puny. We headed over to Beau Jo's for for some amazing pizza and things seemed to be going pretty well. The kids and Tri took on a 5 pound pizza and amazed our server by finishing every last bite. I had a yummy GF pizza all to myself and even enjoyed cheese for the first time in a year. They had a dairy free variety and it actually melted and everything!

After pigging out on a dessert pizza the kids were sufficiently stuffed and we headed home. Feeling spontaneous, we stopped off on the side of the road to wade in a river for a bit.

The kids had a great time throwing rocks, splashing around, and getting soaked. We piled the sodden crew back into the vehicle and headed for home, praying for an uneventful drive. Amazingly the transmission shifted perfectly and we thought we were in for a smooth ride. That is until Austin started to complain of an upset tummy. By the time we made it home Tri had quite a mess to clean up in the backseat, Leah was complaining of a severe sore throat, and Tri's other two were also complaining of upset tummies.

At present we have 2 vomiting, 2 feverish, and one totally unaffected (Theo) at least for now. We also found that Steve had been running a fever all day as well so the next few days should be interesting to say the least. Oy!

I needed to run out for some Chloraseptic so Tri decided to join me. We figured we might as well medicate ourselves so we came home armed with chocolate and ice cream Dibs. Now, common sense would say, "Go to bed...the kids will be up on and off all night." But, no...common sense was pitched out the window. Once we made sure everyone was comfy we settled in for a movie and junk food. Now we wait. Will they wake us up in the middle of the night? Only time will tell!

Sister Wives' Power, Activate! Form of a nursing team!"

Monday morning update: All children seem to be well...the one who did not get sick at all still seems to be healthy and now that morning chores are done, they have all evaporated to go off and play...I love my family!!!

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