Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 3 - Cranberries...or what NOT to do!

Cranberries...what could be easier, you ask?

You cut open the bag...

And dump them on a tray....

spread them all out nicely...

And end up with STYROFOAM?! What happened?!?

Oy! After 24 hours, we had these puffed up, shiny berries, no dried berries in sight. So we stuck them with a fork (the warm air phfizzed out) and put them back in for 12 more hours.

At which time, they were finally looking like they should, but OY! The flavor was HORRIBLE!! There is a reason they sweeten those buggars at the store!

So, ours went into the sink, and then into the trash. I did find a video with directions on how to do this right. Guess I will try again, once the fresh berries come into the store around Thanksgiving.

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