Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day 7 - Dried Mushrooms and a Story

From our guest blogger, Sweet Girl

Here's an exciting story about how we found mushrooms. My mom and I were at the store and we looked for mushrooms. There wasn't a single mushroom at the store. We went to a dozen stores and there were no mushrooms. So we packed a bag and went to Virginia, but could not find any. So we went to Colorado, but nobody had any there either. We finally just gave up and went to our refrigerator to make dinner. And guess what we found? Mushrooms! All the way in the back!

The End

Here's how you can make your own dried mushrooms:

Wipe off your mushrooms with a damp paper towel. Break off the stems and clean out the gills with a spoon.

Carefully slice to 3/8" thickness, spread out on the dehydrating tray and put in dryer.

Set temp for 115 degrees. They will take 3-7 hours. Ours took six hours.

We broke them in pieces and put them in a pint jar and air sealed them. Five large portabello mushrooms made about 1 pint.

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